ARTOC’s Diversity of Initiatives: We work with NGOs—and with government, business, and civic leaders—to bring a multi-disciplinary focus on a number of fronts. We work in underprivileged areas. We bring sports, art and theater to schools. We distribute some 75,000 iftars (breaking the fast
At ARTOC, we are committed to investing in social development and continuously enhancing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  ARTOC’s vision is implemented with a passion, building on a diversity of initiatives, embracing a contrarian approach when necessary and nurturing a pioneering spirit. We have adopted these pillars—the foundation of ARTOC’s business success—to animate our CSR vision. We are employing a diversity of initiatives: ambitious programs in communities large and small, rural and urban; working with NGOs—and with
  government, business, and civic leaders to bring a multidisciplinary focus. We are passionate about our goals and their implementation.
  ARTOC’s work internally and externally in education, training, recognizing excellence, health, community services, youth, empowering women, culture and support of leading nongovernmental and multilateral institutions in their work to meet challenges of human trafficking, rehabilitating child soldiers, reducing illiteracy, renovating schools and skill development is but a journey of challenges and opportunities towards a brighter future.
meals) during the holy month of Ramadan. We provide emergency food and clothing to victims of natural disasters. We channel diversified educational opportunities, assistance, and contributions to those in need. We help youth, women and graduates by building their knowledge, capacities and skill sets.