The number of street children in Egypt is between 200,000 and 1 million. One-fourth of them are under the age of 13. Of those: 44% live on less than US$2 per day; 4% are undernourished; over 30% of the nation’s homeless are on the streets of Cairo. Aided by international organizations and the rise
At ARTOC, it is our belief that teaching people how to fish is more important than giving them the fish. This is the way towards sustainable development and is the way forward. However, there are some situations that can only be helped through charity, as there are individuals who are unable to make a living without direct aid in the form of money, food, or clothing. Accordingly, ARTOC supports 1000 such households, whose medical and social conditions prevent them from securing any form of income. ARTOC also realizes the critical role played by   community organizations and thus supports them as much as possible. Such organizations like Inner Wheel Club of Cairo that builds elderly homes, Goodness Power Foundation which helped provide residence for those whose homes were destroyed in Helwan, the Asian Diplomatic Association which aims to promote better understanding between Asia and Egypt that supports women and children. In addition, we at ARTOC organized caravans to assist working women, support family planning, and help newlywed couples furnish their homes.


of local civil society organizations, communities are increasingly involved in their own socioeconomic development. The need for development far exceeds the human and material resources available. More money and resources need to be allocated to managing the social development process.