Because nations and people of the world are no longer isolated, ARTOC embraces its role as a global corporate citizen. ARTOC’s corporate social responsibility transcends borders, nations and continents to spread the message of cross leveraging resources and mobilizing good will. One
ARTOC has supported a diverse portfolio of initiatives and projects across the globe such as the Kathy and Ray LaHood Center for Cerebral Palsy which focuses on serving the needs of children and families with cerebral palsy throughout central Illinois.
  Moreover, ARTOC has brought youth and intellectuals from the US, Europe and Japan to interact with their counterparts in Egypt. ARTOC also supported The Prince of Wales Traditional Arts Patronage Program which trains young people on traditional design and manufacture, contributed to the creation of the Stuart Eizenstat Professorship in Jewish History and Culture, University of North Carolina, in recognition of his career achievements, translated the works of world-famous authors on illicit trade and climate change,
  sponsored Aspen Institute's Global Initiative on Arab Arts and Culture Dialogue that took place in Washington DC, and has underwritten the UN Gulu exhibition in New York supporting the rehabilitation of former child soldiers and abducted girls.
  ARTOC has sponsored numerous global institutions that organized world class workshops, conferences around the world such as in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, China, India, Czech Republic and the Gulf. In recognition of ARTOC’s track record of its corporate social responsibility locally, regionally and globally, ARTOC has received international recognition from the Foreign Policy Association, one of America’s non-partisan organizations in the field of public education on world affairs.
significant way of achieving this goal is to give back to society both locally and globally. By creating cross-border initiatives and supporting developmental causes globally we contribute to greater interactions amongst people of the world which enhances our humanity.