A population of 80+ million that lives on 5% of Egypt’s land creates a density that is hazardous to health and the environment. Expenditure on health: 6.3% of GDP. Expenditure on health per capita: US$316. Public health facilities are under-equipped, staff are underpaid and under-trained. Ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease,
Egypt does not have an effective health insurance system. This, in the face of poverty, illiteracy, and high pollution, adds urgency to the need for private contributions. ARTOC is trying to help fill the breach: sponsoring large-scale awareness campaigns challenging entrenched attitudes that dissuade women from seeking breast cancer screening, and sponsoring campaigns promoting prevention and treatment of common medical conditions. ARTOC also helped Heliopolis Hospital to buy necessary modern equipment. ARTOC has focused on bringing comprehensive medical caravans to underprivileged areas and has treated –under the supervision of the   MOH – over 43,000 patients to date plus undertaking over 180 operations in addition to treatment of chronic diseases. ARTOC collaborates with Ein Shams Hospital to support organ transplant surgeries, especially liver transplants, for needy individuals. ARTOC is also involved in saving the environment via a stream of donations to the Central Association for the Environment—via the Ministry of Environmental Affairs—and supporting awareness campaigns. ARTOC is also working with environmental NGOs to create a new awareness of environmental hazards, especially in Cairo, a teeming metropolis of 18 million inhabitants.
and hypertensive heart disease are the top causes of death in Egypt. Much needs to be done to provide Egyptians with healthy living conditions and a less polluted environment. NGO's and private companies are working in private-public partnerships to fill the void.