According to government figures, 20% of Egypt’s population lives below the poverty line. While there are 22,000 Egyptian charity organizations, the Food Bank is unique in focusing entirely on addressing hunger. The organization distributes more than 40 million food trays a month. As Egypt grows
In the sprawling slums of Cairo and other cities, certain families that have lost their bread earner are forced to confront a staggering reality: they have no way of earning an income. If our citizens are to become active contributors to Egypt’s development and advancement, they must be spared constant worry about where to get their next meal or income.
For this reason, we at ARTOC support successful initiatives such as the Food Bank, which serves those in Egypt’s most underprivileged areas. In addition to supporting the Food Bank, ARTOC distributes food supplies to an average of
  3,000 families a month plus over 75,000 meals during the holy month of Ramadan. ARTOC also supports the mobilization of immediate support in more urgent situations arising from natural disasters. Most recently, during the aftermath of the deadly rockslide in the Al-Doweiqa area, we at ARTOC provided medical and food assistance to those whose homes were destroyed.
Working with other NGOs and the Government, ARTOC continues its support programs of emergency aid and assistance in the face of calamities and natural disasters.


in population and the Government works on multiple challenges, a large number of Egyptian philanthropic and social development organizations work individually and together to deal with the social gaps and emergency cases. Critical segments of society need interim multidimensional assistance to cope with daily life.