Government resources cannot be diverted towards building and nurturing sportsbased communities, when so much else demands its focus. Civil and private efforts are required to help youths achieve their full potential by creating sports-based communities that would act as hubs to produce
ARTOC believes an active mind is always found in the active body. ARTOC has supported various sports tournaments and is the proud sponsor of annual soccer, table tennis, bowling and squash competitions.
  ARTOC has also supported the development of sports programs in the primary schools in which it has invested and encouraged individuals who show potential to enhance their athletic capabilities.
  ARTOC sponsored the sports center in the new campus of the American
  University in Cairo which is named the ARTOC Athletic Center and serves over 5000 students with multiple sports facilities.
  ARTOC’s belief is that having a balanced competitive spirit involving proper education, sports training and exposure to culture and arts is instrumental in personal development and success on a professional and personal level. Finally, ARTOC organizes its own annual sports tournaments to promote its beliefs internally and foster a friendly working environment.


world-class athletes. Egyptians are passionate about football—it is the number one sport in the country—but there is also a lot of potential in wrestling, squash, handball and weight lifting, all of which need a lot of effort in order to consistently produce worldclass athletes.